New website about Polish traditional dance!

A new educational website - has been launched by the Institute of Music and Dance presenting a wide range of dance genres and forms. 

„Polish Folk Instruments"

The Publishing House Muza has just printed out a book „Polish Folk Instruments” by phD Aneta I. Oborna – the last book of series „Ocalić od zapomnienia”. The book is mainly based on the collection of instruments from Muzeum Ludowych Instrumentów Muzycznych in Szydłowiec which is the owner of th...

Get inspired by Little Kolberg!

The programme has been implemented by the Institute of Music and Dance in order to revive Polish musical traditional among the youngest Poles. The programme is launched in different areas of Poland and it is open for any groups of tradition ethusiasts to join in the educational process. See more abo...

Coryphaeus of Polish Music 2015

The 5th edition of the Polish musical awards – Coryphaeus of Polish Music (pl.Koryfeusz Muzyki Polskiej).  

25 years of the ensemble "Jarzębina" (Kocudza)

It's been 25 years for the prominent ensemble "Jarzębina" from Kocudza - village on the Roztocze hill-range.

„Polish Folk Musical Instruments” – presentation of the website

The Institute of Music and Dance is inviting for the presentation of website "Polish folk musical instruments" - 17th March 2015 at 12 o'clock in The National Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw.   

Oskar Kolberg's Year has come to an end

On the 16th February in Warsaw Ethnogrphic Museum a press conference took place to sum up the Kolberg's Year 2014 

If Kolberg had had a phonograph...

All about the album from ISPAN series of Folk Music Collection named Gdyby Kolberg miał fonograf… (If Kolberg had had a phonograph) and also about an on-line data base created by the Phonographic Collection of Institute of Arts of the Polish Academy of Science...

From the sunrise. Music traditions in Lower Silesia

„Ważka” foundation has published an album  Od wschodu słońca. Tradycje muzyczne na Dolnym Śląsku (From the sunrise. Music traditions in Lower Silesia)