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Traditional Music Forum

Forum of Traditional Music is an informal organization appointed by practitioners of traditional singing, music making and dance with the aim of promoting Polish folk music and strengthening its communal ties.

For many years our trails have interwined: in cottage houses while learning from masters, in masterclasses and dance gatherings, at concerts and all the events where one would encounter country music in crudo. We had the chance to meet dozens of wonderful people from older generations. Their lives enchanted in the songs and music left a lasting impression on us and eventually became engrained in us.

Now, when there are very few village musicians and singers left, we ask ourselves  – how to ensure that their music their world has its proper place in Poland?

It is very important to us and we know it might be needed for future generations.

We lead workshops, activities, fun activities, festivals in variety of ways. They give everyone a chance to see for themselves how the song, music making and dance work. In this way we established many “best practices” in regards to transmission and function of traditional music in today’s world.

Our programmes  – “School of masters of tradition” and “Master School for Making Traditional Music Instruments” work well due to our good cooperation with the Music and Dance Institute in Warsaw. More programmes are still being designed.

Basic human needs: beauty, madness, authenticity, community and ties with previous generations – do not change. Our activity, joint or separate,  revolves around these values and we continue to express it through music.


Janusz Prusinowski

President of the Forum of Traditional Music


Forum of Traditional Music was established in 2011 by the representatives of associations, institutions and informal environments in Poland working towards preservation of traditional music culture in crudo and towards widespreading and transmition of its values.

The effects of Forum’s work are programmes and solutions are aimed at reviving sources of traditional music and reinvigorating them within a mainstream education and culture. We intend to create a widespread STRATEGY for preserving and disseminating traditional music, as broadly defined culture.

We want the Forum to be an expression of alliance and cooperation among different environments throughout the country regardless of the status. We want the non-governmental initiatives, academic institutions, local and central authorities to act in the common name.

Programmes and activities of Traditional Music Forum

Portal “MuzykaTradycyjna.PL”
2012 – runned from the funds of Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and cooperation with Folk Artist Association in Lublin
2014 – runned by Foundation „Numinosum”. Co-formed and launched by Institute of Music and Dance in Warsaw as part of strategic projects of Kolberg’s Year.

Programme „Master’s of Tradition School”
Co-created and runned by Institute of Music and Dance in Warsaw

„Master School of Folk Instrument Makers” Programme
Co-created and runned by Institute of Music and Dance in Warsaw

„Kolberg Academy”
– „Schools of tradition” Programme
– Portal „Kolberg Academy”
„Kolberg Academy” launched by „Tratwa” Association with the Institute of Music and Dance within strategic projects within Kolberg Year

„Little Kolberg” Programme
„Little Kolberg” programme is runned by Comenius Foundation of Child Development  and Traditional Music Forum together with Institute of Music and Dance within strategic projects of Kolberg Year

Conference „Kolberg Year – and what next?” 
Co-produced and runned by Institute of Music and Dance in Warsaw within strategic projects of Kolberg Year


fot. Mateusz Borny