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Sport cigarettes will perish

The Ball of a Cultur(ist) that is the traditional town-village dance party. In the Toruń's famous bar - Wejściówka an outstanding band shall play- Ewa Grochowska, Mateusz Kowalski and other expected participants

Ist Mazovian Festival of Accordion Players

We are inviting for the 3rd edition of the Festival which is organized by the District Centre for Heritage and Art in Wołomin 

Songs of Our Roots

XXIII Festival of Old Music in Jarosław will take place from 23–30 August 2015

The Jagiellonian Fair

The Jagiellonian Fair combines the historical tradition of fairs with exchange of modern culture and economy. The Fair refers to the famous Lublin Fairs, which at the turn of the 15th and 16th century, were one of the most famous international merchant and artistic events.

18. Tabor of the Dance House – Sędek 2015

We are inviting for the 18th Tabor of the Warsaw Dance House – a week-long "school of tradition", workshops of traditional music in its original form

The 3rd Tabor in Greater Poland

We are proudly informing that the 3rd Tabor in Greater Poland will take place in Stara Krobia in Biskupizna in its greater range!

Village Dancing Clubs in Wir

The villagers are inviting for another dancing party

IInd Meeting of Hurdy-gurdy playes in Podkarpacie

We are inviting for the meeting of hurdy-gurdy players to Haczów in Podkarpacie region (11–12 July). 

Dancing by the Zoo

The Dancing party by the Zoo to live music - 8 Feet Cafe.

Instrument Fair at the ROZSTAJE Festival

Organizers of the Rozstaje Festival invite for the 3rd edition of Instrument Fair

XVIII International Summer School of Traditional Music

We are kindly inviting everyone to join in for the two week long workshops dedicated mainly to singing. Open enrollment until 30th May 2015.